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Cool off after a great day in the sun with the KTFO! This giant stemless water bong is measured at 21” tall with a diameter of 110mm, making it for one of our largest and meanest bongs. An inline percolator is strategically outfitted to pre-perc all the smoke particles. The reef mushroom perc ensures the final touch in your smoke percolation. Built sturdy with borosilicate glass, our in-house glass artists hand detail each KTFO, ensuring that it will be the last bong you may ever need. As the name implies, this heavy hitting bong will surely leave you KTFO.

• Size; 21" 50MM-110MM
• Inline & Reef Mushroom Percolator
• Color: Clear
• Pure Bowl Included
• Includes: Diffused Downstem, Foam Set and Carrying Bag
• Includes: Pure Glass carbon pouch
• Includes: 2 oz. Kryptonite glass cleaning solution
• Pure scientific glass
• Hand crafted in Los Angeles, California